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HDPE Conduits

HDPE Pipes

BEC’s High Density Polyethylene pipes are available in 2 categories-

  1. HDPE pipes as per IS 4984
  2. Permanently Lubricated Telecommunication Duct as per TEC GR/TX/CDS-008/mar-11

Intended for telecommunication ducting and electrical installations – indoor, outdoor as well as underground,BEC PLAST HDPE DUCTS are UV and environmental stress resistant, anti-termite and  non-corroding and inert to chemicals found in soils.

Available in various diameters and grades, with a large variety of colour options, BEC PLAST HDPE DUCTS also have low-friction interior finish for ease of cable pulling. BEC’s range of HDPE ducts are Flexible, yet stiff, and able to adjust to the most demanding jobsite conditions. They are in continuous/ coil form for handling purposes and are 6 to 8 times lighter than CI and GI pipes, thus reducing installation time. Being a cost effective solution, it is a highly demanded product

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