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B.E.C. Conduits

B.E.C. today is India's leading manufacturer of cable management and cable protection systems, for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential markets." Since its inception in 1952, B.E.C. has continuously strived to achieve excellence in simplifying cable laying whilst providing the highest levels of protection to electrical conductors.

What started off as a company manufacturing mild steel electrical conduits in the 1950s, B.E.C. has over the years become a one stop solution for all cable management systems. "These include Cable Trays and Raceways, MS and GI Conduiting Systems, PVC Ducts, Fire Retardant PVC Conduits, HDPE Ducts, Permanently Lubricated HDPE Ducts, and Flexible Conduits.

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Why B.E.C. Conduits

B.E.C. follows the strictest quality standards, yet is anything but standard! To know more about how B.E.C. can add value to your project, send in your enquiries via Call or Email.


  • GI Conduits

    BEC Hot Dipped Galvanized Conduits are engineered for the most demanding installs, allowing superior protection to electrical infrastructure for decades to come. Read More.

  • Cable Trays

    BEC's Range of Cable Trays and Raceways are custom designed to ensure the highest degree of strength and precision allowing for installs that are completed faster and last longer. Read More.

  • PVC Conduits

    BEC's Range of PVC Conduits are manufactured from specially formulated Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) for use in the harshest of environments while conforming to the strictest quality standards. Available in various grades and diameters to suit each application based on mechanical stress, color, fire resistance etc. Read More.

  • MS Conduits

    BEC's Range of ERW Stove Enameled Conduits feature great tensile strength, EMI shielding and its smooth inner surface makes wire pulling effortless. Read More.

  • HDPE Pipes

    BEC's Permanently Lubricated HDPE Ducts are UV and Environmentally Stress Resistant, Anti Termite and Anti Rodent, and can be provided in coil formats for reduced installation time and ease of laying cables, providing the perfect raceway for telecommunication cables and fiber optics in underground trenches. Read More.

  • Flexible Conduits

    BEC's range of flexible conduiting systems underpins the robustness of electrical installs by providing unmatched last mile cable protection between the primary raceway and secondary nodes. Read More.

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