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About Us

B.E.C. Conduits Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturer of cable protection and cable management systems. Widely specified in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential projects, B.E.C. has continuously strived to achieve excellence in simplifying cable laying while providing the highest levels of protection to electrical conductors. 

What started off as a company manufacturing mild steel electrical conduits in the 1950s, B.E.C. has over the years become a one stop solution for all cable protection and cable routing systems. These include Cable Trays and Raceways, MS and GI Conduiting Systems, PVC Ducts, Fire Retardant PVC Conduits, Flexible Metal Tubing as well as Permanently Lubricated High Density Ducts along with their respective accessories. With continuous innovation in products, manufacturing processes and product delivery, BEC has gathered the preference of Consultants, Contractors and End Users in all parts of the country. 

What’s more, B.E.C. has always been family owned and family operated. This allows BEC to focus on what really matters the most - manufacturing exceptional products at a great value that is designed to last for decades. Having manufacturing units in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in India. B.E.C. takes pride in manufacturing all components in house, and has a good reason to do so. With the fastest lead times, high precision manufacturing processes and unmatched quality control, B.E.C. makes cable laying and cable protection a breeze for its clients.

B.E.C. has an unmatched capability to cater to the special needs of clients. When tough projects require custom cable laying solutions, B.E.C. has always delivered. B.E.C. has the capability to customize solutions such as cable trays and raceways as well as custom coat conduits among many other solutions. Today B.E.C. is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to cable protection which is why it has a pan-India presence and an unmatched client portfolio, most of whom have been regular clients for decades.