At B.E.C. the quality inspection team and quality control engineer conduct the following test.
Diameter and
Wall Thickness
To maintain the standard sizes with minimum variation
Compression Testing machine To check the mechanical strength of the pipe.
Bend Test and Ball Test


To check the quality of weld as well as the mechanical strength of the pipe.

To check the ease of flow to the wire within the pip

Screw Thread Test To check the length of the thread as well s the pitch so that pipes can be joined with each other without any problem.
External Influence
( Protective Coating )
To check the proper adhesion of paint with respect to steel for production against corrosion.

To check whether the quantity of zinc coating is in accordance with the ISI standards for heavy protection.

Preece test as per IS 2633-1986 is conducted to check the uniformity of zinc coating.

Also, the minimum mass of zinc coating as per IS 4736-1986 should be 360gm/m2

Durability of Marking By rubbing process
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